CIVA Invests

The Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action (CIVA) is a charity and company that was set up in 1995 by Michael Norton and was chaired from its inception, until his death in 2014, by the lawyer Stephen Lloyd. CIVA is set to receive a million pound+ donation in early 2016 to extend its existing social investment activities. I am helping develop everything that’s needed to bring this new fund to life.

We want to build on the experience CIVA has accrued over the last 20 years in identifying, supporting, investing in and scaling remarkable social innovations. In doing so we want to both:

  • Support and scale a myriad of organisations and initiatives; and
  • Prove that small-scale social investment (£5,000 – £100,000) can be viable and successful when it is anchored in relationship and trust.

To do this we are developing a fund structure that is set apart from much of the current social investment sector, where relationships are central to deals, where decision making and term setting are agreed mutually, where we aren’t just providing support from afar but where we are deeply embedded and along for the whole journey with investees.