You can download a pdf of my CV here.

Personal statement:

I work with, and create environments for, organisations so they may do good better.

I have 20 years experience across enterprise and civil society and a strong grounding in psychoanalysis and design. This gives me the framework through which I help people improve organisational dynamics in order to effect change and instigate new behaviours and innovations.

My work takes four main forms:

  • Projects, where I work with leaders and their organisations to establish new, or develop existing, initiatives;
  • My practice, where I assist organisations realise their visions for change;
  • Events and environments, where I work with organisations to design and facilitate a broad range of events as well as create environments and processes to help people collaborate to solve complex problems; and
  • Applied research, where I support individuals and organisations to develop multi-faceted solutions to big, intractable problems.


I assist inspiring individuals and groups develop new and existing initiatives, often becoming deeply enmeshed in the project. Recent examples include:

  • Flip Finance, an initiative developing user-led approaches to designing practical social investment solutions that meet the real needs of social sector organisations, their funders and investors.
  • CIVA Invests, establishing a new >£1 million social investment fund that will identify, support, invest in and scale remarkable social innovations.
  • Assisting BWB CIO (the charitable arm of BWB LLP) run the Stephen Lloyd Awards, an annual award that supports early stage social projects that have real potential to achieve practical, sustainable social change.
  • Assisting the Small Business Association of Jamaica to develop a social innovation strategy for the island;
  • Leading the delivery of the Artha Venture Challenge, an investment competition for social ventures in India;
  • Working to replicate Future of Fish, a U.S. project focused on developing sustainable marine supply chains, in the U.K.;
  • During 2012 being the Creative Director for Social Capital Markets, the world’s foremost impact investing conference based in San Francisco;
  • In 2011 co-founding Shared Assets, a new organisation championing social enterprise delivery of urban and rural regeneration through the management of environmental assets;


I work internationally with innovative leaders of world-class organisations to realise and scale their visions for change, examples of which include but are not limited to: recently completing Systems Psychodynamics consultancy contracts for a global investment bank; major London and Manchester based housing associations; a charity working in the homelessness sector; a retail social enterprise; and a national network of organisations promoting student social action.

Environments and Events:

I work with organisations to design and facilitate a broad range of events as well as create environments and processes to help people collaborate to solve complex problems. This strand of my work is undertaken through:

  • Bigger Boat, an approach that creates a trusted and safe space where practitioners can work together to grow their collective impact; and
  • Marmalade, an annual event in Oxford where design meets intractable social problems; where user-centred approaches catapult people’s efforts to make the world a better place; where problems that were previously stuck are unlocked through collaborative efforts.

Applied Research:

I support individuals and organisations to develop multi-faceted solutions to big, intractable problems. This work always commences with a in-depth research into a specific problem to identify highly promising opportunities for impact. I then use design processes to identify and plan a set of ambitious, achievable initiatives that both stand on their own and work in concert to address the problem. Examples of work to date can be found on the Bigger Boat website.

Previous Employment:

Ashoka’s Director for the UK (May 2006 – September 2009).

I was responsible for all aspects of Ashoka’s work in the UK, raising in excess of $5 million from the UK’s business and finance community and providing support to more than 150 international social entrepreneurs working across over 35 countries, resulting in numerous substantial financial and capacity building outcomes.

Founder and Chief Executive of London Community Recycling Network (November 2000 – April 2006)

I founded and grew London CRN to 16 staff members and a turnover of £750,000; I was a founding member of the Big Lottery’s Community Recycling Programme, securing, managing and distributing £37.5 million of funding to community waste projects across the UK and was a board member of the London Recycling Fund acting as advisor to a government fund distributing over £50 million; I supported social enterprises to secure nine large-scale public sector contracts totalling more than £35 million t/o; I led the start-up of six large-scale new Community Recycling providers, each with year one turnovers of between £600,000 and £1million; and I developed consultancy services delivering 25% of the organisation’s turnover.

Independent (1991 – 2000). Clients included New Economics Foundation, Royal National Theatre, the East Midlands Development Agency, Greenwich CDA and a myriad of third sector organisations.


I have an M.A from the Tavistock Centre in “Consulting and leading in organisations: psychodynamic and systemic approaches” and am an Associate Member of APPCIOS, The Association for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in Organisational Settings, a membership institution of the British Psychoanalytic Council.