Building systems and organisations for social change

I have extensive experience across enterprise and civil society and a strong grounding in Systems Psychodynamics and design.

This gives me the framework through which I help people create and improve organisations and their dynamics, and instigate new behaviours and activities.

My work takes four main forms:



Where I work with organisations to establish new, or develop existing, initiatives. Examples of such work include: exploring how foundations can improve their grant giving practices; establishing a series of philanthropic foundations and funds; a new charity focused on education; a project attempting to reshape the narrative in the UK social investment sector; and creating a number of advisory organisations serving different aspects of civil society.




Where I assist individuals and organisations realise their visions for change. Examples of such work include: Systems Psychodynamics consultancy contracts for major UK charities and housing associations; and strategy development for a range of small and medium sized charities.




Where I design and produce events, creating environments to help people collaborate to solve complex problems. Examples of this work include: design workshops and hack days for a broad range of social sector organisations, trusts and foundations; founding Marmalade, the annual Oxford based participant led conference; and production of a number of major international social sector conferences.



Applied Research

Where I support individuals and organisations to develop multi-faceted solutions to big, intractable problems. This work always commences with in-depth research into a specific problem to identify highly promising opportunities for impact. I then use design processes to identify and plan a set of ambitious, achievable initiatives that both stand on their own and work in concert to address the problem. Examples of work to date can be found on the Bigger Boat website.