Better Nature

Under development and launching in 2019, Better Nature aims to place nature and natural resources at the centre of emerging efforts to redesign our social, economic and political systems, to ensure the continued wellbeing of humanity on a healthy and thriving planet. It will do this by analysing and identifying new thinking and innovations that have the potential to reposition the natural world as the nexus of the redesigned systems that are collectively needed to pull humanity back from its current predicament.

Once identified, Better Nature will act as a mobilisation platform to deploy the most promising of these innovations, working with keystone actors to realise their potential with unprecedented scale and spread. The purpose of this is to stimulate boundary events where coordinated programmes of activities trigger a transformation in cultural, social, political and economic norms.

In so doing Better Nature will help to transform the relationship between humanity and the natural world, changing the conditions on which efforts at human development and the protection and improvement of nature rest. Conditions that currently constrain human development and ecological improvement may, by this approach, become enablers of such activity. Better Nature aspires to make healthy nature and a thriving natural world central to all human activity, creating the conditions in which efforts to improve biodiversity and conserve nature can flourish.

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